"A better working environment means less stress and more productivity"
"Good lighting helps to create a better learning environment"
"LED lighting can be adapted to suit most applications "


LED4LIGHT offer LED lighting solutions for the workplace, whatever that may be. Well planned LED Technology offers the opportunity to reduce lighting bills and carbon usage by 70% or more and is fast becoming the preferred choice for low energy lighting. It is also the most environmentally-friendly lighting source available. LED lighting uses only a fraction (typically 1/3) of the electricity used by conventional lighting sources like halogen and fluorescent. In addition, LED lighting contains none of the toxic materials such as Mercury, unlike discharge lighting (Fluorescent, Sodium, Metal Halide etc.) it is friendly to the environment.

LED4light is helping businesses to significantly reduce the cost of running and maintaining their lighting. With potential savings of between 65-80% on your current costs, it is well worth looking into the advantages of LED lighting.

If you would like to find out how your workplace could benefit from the switch to LED lighting why not contact us at vcrewe@hotmail.co.uk and we can arrange a FREE, no obligation assessment of your current expenditure on lighting and calculate how much you could save by switching to LED. 

Recommended Products

Our experience installing LED lighting
in many varied projects has given us an understanding about most LED products and components, their capabilities and also limitations, which enables us to recommend the best products for the intended application. We believe in quality at a sensible price and so we take great care to select quality components for both the panel and the key component, the driver. The driver is the beating heart of any LED lighting product and poor quality components (Capacitors in particular) will not only shorten the life of the driver itself, but also that of the LED chips.
Our LED panel lights are a different from the competition in quite a few respects. We choose chips with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) which are more expensive that the common chips used in most LED panels, however the difference speaks for itself. The light is cleaner, clearer and much easier to work under. In addition, you get a more balanced light spectrum which is beneficial to mind and body. Good quality light is less stressful on the body and helps to create a happier working and living environment.