Was established back in 2007 to offer customers a better way of lighting our living and working spaces. We have a a passionate belief that we must protect our the environment right now, for future generations.  

"If we care about the future for our children and generations to come, then just saving carbon is not enough. We must stop polluting our environment with toxic materials like Mercury" 

One of the many benefits of LED lighting is a reduction in the amount toxic materials (such as Mercury) being sent to landfill. Mercury is used in most commercial lamps like fluorescent and Metal Halide etc. LED4LIGHT was inspired from a desire to help improve the environment in which we work, socialise and rest. LED lighting will not only help your business save money, but it also help create less waste and pollutants in our world, a positive legacy to our children.

We offer: 

  • Lighting surveys and reports on the savings potential. 
  • Design (a lighting design as short or a complex as you require)  
  • Recommend the most appropriate LED products for your individual need.
  • Supply only of LED products (for you to install) or supply and install using our own NICEIC approved electricians.

LED 4 LIGHT will happily meet and discuss your needs for lighting.


41 New Road

T: 08453 707 607