Case Study One

  CO2 saving: 46.61 t/year
   Capital saving: 10,063 £/year

A typical underground car park fitted with 200 lighting fixtures. (each a single T8 1500mm (5ft) fluorescent tube)

Each tube uses 58 Watts plus ballast wattage (typically allowing 255 for a CCG ballast and gear) makes a consumption of 72 Watts.

The Lights are continuous (24hrs) for 365 days per year, equating to 14,400 Watts

Total annual KWH (kilowatt hrs) used 125,798

>> Cost of Electricity (at 12p per KHW) £15,096

Change to LED 24Watt tubes, consumption lowers(in KWH) to 41,933

>> Cost of Electricity (same 12p per KWH) for LED £5,031

A Saving of £10,063 per year *

*This savings figure will increase if you add labour and maintenance costs which are saved. Led Tubes have life of 50,000hrs as opposed to typical 8,000hrs fluorescent tubes.

>> Additional CARBON SAVING 46.61 Tonnes per Year