Case Study Two

  CO2 saving: 216 t/year
   Capital saving: 39,748 £/year

An office working as a 24hr call centre, uses 65KW of power for Lighting

Total annual KWH (kilowatt hrs) used 567,840

>> Cost of Electricity (at 10p per KHW) £56,784

Change to LED tubes, consumption lowers(in KWH) to 19,500 watts in load, thus 170.352KWH

>> Cost of Electricity (10p per KWH) for LED £17,035

A Saving of £39,748 per year *

* This savings figure will increase if you add in the reduction in labour and maintenance costs that installing LED will bring. Led Tubes have a projected life of around 50,000hrs as opposed to a typical 8,000hrs for fluorescent tubes.

>> Additional CARBON SAVING 216 Tonnes per Year