BEFORE: The old Fluorescent tubes gave the hall a dull and yellowed appearance.


AFTER: LED fixtures have livened up the hall, and drastically improved the amount and quality of light, more of a natural light appearance.





Leeds School get new LED lighting for their hall

  CO2 saving: 9.5 tonnes/year
   Capital saving: £2500 £/year

The existing main hall lighting consisted of twin 8 foot fluorescent tubes, in a grid fixture. The power-hungry 8 foot tubes were each using 125 watts of electricity and when all 30 fixtures were lit at the same time for sports occasions etc., a massive 7.5 kilowatts of power was being consumed.

Additionally, the lighting was wired in a way that did not allow much flexibility or control.

As 8 foot fixtures are no longer being manufactured and 8 foot tubes will soon become obsolete, we designed a scheme using surface-mounted high bay fixtures with wire guards. Because the hall is used for sports and therefore needs lots of good quality light, we had some extra powerful LED tubes manufactured for the project. This plus the fact the ceiling height was 6 metres to the apex, standard LED tubes would not have been adequate. By using 4 x 4 foot, 20 watt LED tubes in each fixture we have given the hall much more light (30% more) for 2/3 the running costs. Now, even with all of the fixtures switched on together, only 2.4 kW of power is needed compared to the previous 7.5kW. Also, we completely re-wired the lighting circuits so that each row of 4 fixtures can be switched on individually, this gives massive flexibility and additional savings.