The Ridings Red Car Park before the LED installation


The Ridings Red Car Park after LED installation


The Ridings Shopping Centre, Wakefield

  CO2 saving: 30 Tonnes per year
   Capital saving: £5500 per year

LED4LIGHT were invited by the Riding Shopping Centre in Wakefield to survey and report back on the savings that could be realised by switching to LED lighting, in their 24 hour car park area.

Installed were some 140 pcs of 1500mm T8 type fluorescent tubes with traditional switch-start ballasts. These were consuming 9.7Kw of electricity and lit, 24 hours a day!

LED 4 LIGHT were able to offer an LED energy-efficient alternative which will save some 65% of the electricity usage and appreciably reduce maintenance costs. With this level of savings the payback period was just under 18 months. The fluorescent tubes were replaced by 140 pcs of 1500mm LED tubes and using external drivers for longer life and easier mantenance.

The fact that the tubes are designed to last up to 50,000 hrs means a big saving on tube replacement and maintenance costs. Also, unlike fluorescent, the lifespan of LED tubes is not affected by frequent switching on and off and so lighting controls can be added safely.