BEFORE: The aged Fluorescent fittings used in many corridors of the school


AFTER: LED fixtures bringing a bright cheerful ambience to the corridors with good light distribution.





Westerton School Leeds

  CO2 saving: 9.5 t/year
   Capital saving: £2500 £/year

Westerton School in Tingley near Leeds is at the forefront of the 'Sustainable Schools' programme in the Leeds area. They are very enthusiatic about LED lighting and we have worked closely with the school to help them understand and appreciate the benefits that LED lighting can bring. When the school originally contacted us they wanted tp improve the lighting levels in the main corridor, toilets and transient areas. The original and aged 38Watt 2D fluorescent lights were inefficient, expensive to run and offered a poor light distribution.

LED 4 LIGHT were able to install modern modular grid fixtures complete with low energy LED tubes and by using a polished open reflector in the luminaire we increased the direct light distribution over a much wider area, giving better overall coverage.

The colour temperature was increased to 5500 Kelvin (Natural White) which gives a more crisp, sharper appearance to the environment (see images) this slight colour change was noted favourably by the staff as being "more cheerful and inviting" 

The outcome was more light, better distributed and a superior lit environment using less energy thsn before We also added extra circuits allowing some lights to be switched off when not needed on bright days. Saving not only more energy but also lamp life, which has gone from 8,000 hrs (standard fluorescent) to 50,000hrs leaving the busy maintenance department more valuable time for other projects.

Head teacher Jim Reid (now retired) explained that as lead school for the Leeds 'Sustainable Schools Framework' the school is keen to use 'Green' technology wherever it can and as funding allows.

In other parts of the school we added LED downlights and PIR (passive infa red) detectors improving both the light quality and  energy consumption.