Westminster Government Building

  CO2 saving: 204 t/year
   Capital saving: 55,000 £/year

Greyblue Lighting Design invited LED 4 Light to help with a new design and upgrade of a large office building re-furbishment in London.  

Existing twin 36 Watt PL fittings were considered very efficient in their day some 15 years ago, but the needs of a complex 19 floors of Central London space had begun to cause competition for energy between, I T growing needs for more computing, Air conditioning and lighting....Greyblue had been commissioned to survey and report back options for energy savings and they chose LED 4 LIGHT to work with them designing prototypes and working samples of new LED products which could be retro fitted into existing odd shaped ceiling grids.

"We were delighted by the market research and quality of the working prototypes, LED 4 LIGHT have provided so far"  says Phil Gardner, for Greyblue Lighting Design.

The projected savings in energy alone for this office building are over £55,000 per year, the development and project continues and Greyblue have been approached to design other key building with complex requirements ;

" We look forward to working with Vincent and his team on this and other new projects for 2011." (greyblue)