Edinburgh makes multi-million pound investment in street lighting

Edinburgh Council is spending £2.15 million on upgrading 6,000 street lights across the city, primarily using LED and PLL - outdoor long life fluorescent - technology.

The upgrade follows the Council’s White Light Pilot Project where 271 street lights were upgraded in two areas of Edinburgh. A survey of residents during the pilot found that 89% were satisfied with the lights and 83% thought the brightness was ‘about right’

London goes LED in biggest ever streetlight upgrade

More than 35,000 London streetlights are to go LED in a massive ‘invest to save’ project, Transport for London announced today.

TfL is to spend £10.9 million installing a central management system and upgrading 35,000 lights to LED by 2016, with a view to saving £1.85 million a year in energy costs.

Further upgrades will be made over the next ten years, with most of London’s streetlights to be LED by 2023, as part of a £4 billion investment in the capital’s roads.



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China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B in Guangzhou


The ILP are delighted to be able to reveal a partnership with an important Chinese event.

By January 2014, Many More Of Us Will Be Buying LED Light Bulbs

It used to be that the cartoon indicator for a good idea was an incandescent bulb over somebody’s head. Not anymore. Incandescents are outdated, wasteful, and about to go the way of the buffalo. In January 2014, new lighting efficiency standards are going to force 40- and 60-watt incandescent-type lights to get about 25 % more efficient. Under the Energy Efficiency and Security Act of 2007, signed into law by then President Bush, light bulbs must become more efficient in terms of energy used for lumen generated.

LED Streetlights could 'Damage The Brain' claims local resident

A local authority is to delay the introduction of some 26,000 LED street lights – after a protestor claimed they would ‘damage the brains’ of local residents and that they were an ‘untried and untested’ technology.
The £8 million roll-out of the luminaires in Altrincham, Cheshire, was halted by Trafford council after protest leader Simon Nicholas claimed the light from the LEDs could damage the brains of people living nearby.