Edinburgh Council is spending £2.15 million on upgrading 6,000 street lights across the city, primarily using LED and PLL - outdoor long life fluorescent - technology.

The upgrade follows the Council’s White Light Pilot Project where 271 street lights were upgraded in two areas of Edinburgh. A survey of residents during the pilot found that 89% were satisfied with the lights and 83% thought the brightness was ‘about right’

The Council currently has approximately 63,418 street lights. The cost of this electricity consumption is currently £2.97m per year. The new street lighting could save the council £280,000 per year.

The conversion will be paid for through a loan from Salix, a Government energy projects funding provider.

The National Museum of Scotland by Gareth Hoskins Architects, received the Special Award for Scotland

Plans to introduce more white light technology to the city could also see the installation of LED stair lights maintained by the Council in around 14,100 tenements across the capital. The upgrade would save approximately £1.25m in energy each year.

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